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Unlocking the Power of Aptamers to Deliver Targeted Treatments

Triera Biosciences is pioneering a transformative aptamer platform with breakthrough potential for development of new treatments. Preclinical trials have demonstrated efficacy that have matched or exceeded monoclonal antibodies.

What if we could develop treatments faster, more economically, and more effectively?

The global health picture in the 21st century clearly illustrates the need for new dynamic health solutions. Global pandemics, evolving viruses, and an increasing senior population worldwide demand a faster and more effective approach.

Triera Biosciences is demonstrating the incredible potential of aptamers to create treatment platforms that are equal parts groundbreaking, effective, and accessible.

Speed to Drug Discovery

The process to select aptamer candidates for use is rapid and can be done within weeks.

Greater Consistency

Aptamers are synthesized via digital sequence, improving on consistency, safety, and quality.

Cost to Develop

With well-defined targets, lab-synthesized aptamers eliminate the need for costly animal models.

Versatile and Effective

Numerous targets have been identified for virology, immunology, and oncology.

Early Success

Preclinical trials targeting COVID-19 demonstrate efficacy similar to monoclonal antibodies as a prophylaxis.

Broad Applicability

Triera’s testing on initial indications demonstrates the ability to address many other categories of candidates as a platform technology.

Growing the Pipeline

The Triera team is working on establishing a broad pipeline, including respiratory targets such as RSV, influenza, and norovirus.

How Triera Biosciences is Revolutionizing Aptamers

Aptamer research and development by Triera Biosciences is poised to revolutionize the field in three key ways:

Increased Bioavailability

Our aptamer technology increases bioavailability – meaning aptamers stay in place long enough to do their job.

Reduced Allergic Reaction

Our aptamer technology does not require polyethylene glycol, eliminating the risk of associated allergic reactions.

Greater Aptamer Endurance

Our aptamer technology leverages recent advancements to create an aptamer with greater endurance.

How Triera is Overcoming Past Aptamer Challenges

Until now, five common challenges have prevented aptamers from wider utilization –five challenges the research and development already undertaken by Triera Biosciences have addressed.


The Triera Solution

Size and Bioavailability – Aptamers are often too small to stay in the body, leading to rapid renal clearance and insufficient bioavailability.

Our aptamer technology increases bioavailability – meaning aptamers stay in place long enough to do their job.

Allergic Reactions to PEG – Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is often added to increase the molecular weight of aptamers. However, PEG can trigger allergic reactions in a small percentage of people.

Our aptamer technology does not require PEG, eliminating the risk of these allergic reactions.

Enzyme Degradation – Aptamers are susceptible to degradation by enzymes in the body, reducing their efficacy.

Our aptamer technology leverages recent advancements to create an aptamer with greater endurance.

Specific Selection – Previous aptamer therapeutics have bound to one isoform of a particular target, resulting in a therapy without the flexibility to target multiple or changing forms of a target.

Our technology selected a universal aptamer that bound to the conserved receptor binding domain of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, extending the effectiveness of C19HBA against all known variants.

Patents – Aptamers in their original form have been protected by rigorous patents, including the SELEX process. Expiration of the patents has opened the door to innovation

Our patent builds on the original research, but with a different form. This allows new patents and ability to overcome previous challenges. We have a growing portfolio of provisional patents that protect the discoveries we have made that overcome the previous challenges of aptamers and unlock their potential.

Triera Biosciences is tackling complex challenges with cutting-edge aptamer technology. Join us.